Gas Services

In Deep Dive Centre is equipped with one of the largest gas filling system in Europe. The bank system consists of 57 x 68 litre, 300 bar cylinders giving a total bank volume of 1,162,800 cubic litres of gas. The banks are used to store three different gas mixtures; Air, 32% nitrox and 12/65 trimix. Additional to this the two L&W compressors share a combined output of 1000 litres per minute, enough to fill a SCUBA cylinder every 3 minutes. The panels enable 21 cylinders to be filled at a time as well as all of our gas to be continuous monitored for Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, H2O and Oil to ensure compliance with EN12021. 

The gas station has the facility for you to drop off your cylinders at the end of your days diving and then collect them the following morning before heading back out on your boat. There are custom made stainless steel dive trolleys available to help get your cylinders and other dive kit to the boats which will be tied up on the pontoon 50 yards away. 

All gas is required to be paid for before filling. Please see the table below for the pricing of the most common gas mixtures. 

Air & Nitrox

Air & NitroxAir 21%EANX 32%EANX 36%EANX 40%
1l (suit inflation) £4.00n/an/an/a
20l-30l (manifolded)£20.00£30.00£35.00£40.00
7l (300 bar)£10.00£15.00£17.00£19.00
12l (300 bar)£12.00£20.00£22.00£24.00

Deco Gas

Deco GasEANX 50%100% O2



21-50%: if your Nitrox mix is not listed it will be charged at the next highest price.
>50% and Trimix: if your mix not listed please ask for custom blend.